Custom Anatomical, Promotional, Veterinary, Biological Models for Teaching & Demonstration

Launch your new pharmaceutical products and promote your company to physicians ethically using quality anatomical teaching aids from VIDYA TECHNOART. Anatomical Teaching Aids provide a sound solution to the dilemma of medically relevant Pharmaceutical Promotions to physicians.

Human heart replicas for the cardiologist; representations of common pathologies in urology, gastrology and ophthalmology for the specialist and generalist; Anatomical charts covering dozens of topics in the language of your choice – if it relates to anatomy education we’re the partner you are looking for.

Latest Product

Lab Models

Human Torso, Human Skeleton, Muscle Skeleton, Flexible Spine, Human Female Pelvis, Tooth Model , Throat Chart etc.

Engineering Models

Crank Shaft , 3D Models, Hydraulic Trainer Kit, Piston With Cylinder, Simple Gear Train, Universal Joint, Steam Boiler Model etc...

Geography Models

Globes, 3D Models, 3D Raised Relief Models, Polyart Plastic Maps, Maps by Survey of India/NATMO, Atlases etc...